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Gloria Jean's Coffees Franchise

Coffee Shops and Cafes

Detailed Information

Capital Required
S$200K - 500K
Brand Name
Gloria Jean's Coffees
Country of Origin
Years of Established
Above 10 years
Number of Outlet

Start a Coffee Shops and Cafes Franchise with Gloria Jean's Coffees


Our Story

We have a story, a story that stretches back to 1979, where we kick started a coffee revolution. One that continues to reach across the world. We’ve grown since 1979, and we still aim to offer the best bean-to-cup experience around, collaborating with the finest growers, roasting in-house and crafting innovative blends.


And like all great stories, you need a cast of wonderful characters. For us, that’s our crew, delivering the lost art of brilliant service, with a smile thrown in for free. The passion for coffee is ours to share, because we understand coffee is a ritual not a routine, and we want every coffee lover across the world to create a chapter that involves us.


The best days are the ones you create yourself. And they always start with a great cup of coffee. We are the keepers of the cherry – from the time it gets picked until the time its brewed and served up to you. We call this the ‘Good Cup’.


Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a global success story serving our quality gourmet coffee to over 35 million customers each year, in over 700 coffee houses in over 40 countries.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is about one simple thing, making the best coffee possible. It’s about all elements coming together perfectly to ensure quality, consistency and speed for every cup of coffee made. It’s the beans we source, and how we blend and roast them, to the equipment we use in store that all comes together to deliver quality coffee with a full-bodied flavour. 


Ensuring product quality is choosing not to take the easy way. It’s not the fast way. It’s the right way, and it creates the best coffee possible.


We understand coffee is more than a pick me up. If we want to make someone’s day, we’ve got to give a little bit of ourselves in every cup we serve. Every Gloria Jean’s Coffees crew member is a keeper of that single cherry, from the time it gets picked up until the time it’s brewed, but what makes normal beautiful is the goodness that sits on top of a cup of coffee. 


Why a Gloria Jean’s Coffees Franchise?


Franchising offers business buyers the opportunity to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. The benefits of being part of a franchise system are significant, with franchises getting access to:


·       A competitive edge via use of an established well-known brand;

·       Established and proven business systems;

·       Sophisticated supply chain solutions;

·       Enhanced advertising frequency and marketing opportunity;

·       Greater brand awareness through the visibility of the brand; and

·        A broad range of products, services and training programs.


Open for Franchise in Singapore!

To be an ideal Franchise Partner, this is what we’re looking for:

• A passion for Gloria Jean’s Coffees – most of our Franchise Partners started out as loyal guests before joining our brand.
• No industry experience required – although some business experience is an advantage
• Demonstrate an understanding of basic financial statements and accounting/bookkeeping procedures
• Great leadership, motivation and communication skills
• The ability and willingness to follow our proven operating systems and be hands-on working in the business
• A commitment to excellence – at every level, from your personal presentation to your ability to lead your team
• Energy – running your own coffee house requires ongoing drive and dedication, and quite a lot of physical work, to deliver an exceptional experience to your guests every time
• Integrity – a love of great coffee and a commitment to treating your team and guests with respect and honesty is essential
• The financial capacity – you need to meet our financial criteria and provide proof of funding

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  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Franchise
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Franchise
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Franchise
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Franchise
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Franchise
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Franchise
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Franchise


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